Roatán Peer Health Exchange is a Honduran-based reproductive peer health program that empowers young people to live healthy lives. With no reproductive health education in the entire region and limited access to health resources, the teenage pregnancy and STD rates are extremely high. Our organization provides accurate, non-denominational reproductive health lessons to the most marginalized regions.


Our organization, in defiance of the heavily entrenched gender norms of Honduras, was founded by five women. All have equal say in program development and financial decision making. Our regional director, Trudy Hilton, is a product of the community where we hold the majority of our charlas, and she also serves as assistant director of the island’s only HIV clinic. Daniela Brissett, a senior U.S. medical student and soon-to-be pediatrician, has transitioned the majority of her local administrative roles to the Honduran team, and she and the rest of the U.S. team develop reproductive health policy and bring their experience working for similar programs in the U.S. Our Honduran medical students ensure that the program’s curriculum is culturally appropriate and are pivotal in recruitment of volunteers, community partners, and resources.


Our program operates within the community and includes 10 peer health ambassadors who teach nearly 80 unique youth each month, and 10 medical students who mentor the peer health ambassadors. 50 to 80 women attend each of our health fairs and, at minimum, nearly 500 participants are served monthly by our organization.


Our peer health ambassadors and community youth are surveyed at the completion of the 12 week program, and we gather data on number of visits to a health center, knowledge of how to access contraceptives, and contraceptive use among participants. We also partner with the public health system to monitor the monthly teenage pregnancy and STD rates. Additionally, we conduct weekly program evaluations and, at the end of each mentorship, our medical students are evaluated by our peer health ambassadors, who are in turn evaluated by the medical students and community members. This allows us to determine how we can improve and to create a fun and comfortable atmosphere for learning.



Looking For: Due to high shipping costs we always need to bring resources down to the island, either for us or for our community partners. Also, come visit us! Help plan fun activities around the island while working with our students. Can’t make to the island? That’s okay! We receive the bulk of our donations from volunteers like you! Rallying your local communities to donate.