Executive Director & Co-Founder of Roatan Peer Health Exchange
Trudy Hilton

Born and raised in Roatan, an island with a vast income disparity  and devastated by AIDS. Trudy grew up in a family that, like that of  many others on the island, was forced to reckon with poverty, and substance use. Yet, she was determined to forge a new path, and was granted scholarship to one of the most prestigious  private schools on the island. It was her education “that changed [her] world.” Soon she was surrounded by mentors who were passionate about making a difference in their community and furthermore provided Trudy with a similar drive.

She would later go on to work for her local AIDS program which opened a great number of opportunities. In 2012, she attended the International AIDS conference in Washington DC which would mark the first time she had ever left her country – an event that furthered her belief that education would be her greatest asset for those in need. After returning from college in the US, she quickly mobilized an afterschool program for youth  creating a safe space for youth to learn. These efforts later blossomed into a partnership with our current team in what today is Roatan Peer Health Exchange.

Administrative  Director & Co-Founder of Roatan Peer Health Exchange
Daniela Brissett 

Born to German and Panamanian immigrants, Daniela started her life as an explorer or more endearingly termed: a military brat. Growing up her family worked heavily in the community, aiding with food drives and homeless shelters; later in high school she furthered these efforts by mentoring children from community centers she frequented as a child. She attended UC Berkeley, participating in the Health and Medical Apprenticeship Program (HMAP) where she delved into public policy. Daniela has completed community both in the US and around the world. In Roatan, she was lead investigator for the Transdisciplinary Immersion in Global Health Research and Education (TIGRE)  a multicampus global health lab for interprofessional health training and research.

Engaging her long-standing passion for youth and the underserved, Daniela worked alongside her Honduran counterparts to build the Roatán Peer-Health Exchange. Having graduated from the University of California, San Francisco, School of Medicine (UCSF), Daniela is now a Pediatric Resident Physician serving in the Pediatric Leadership For the Underserved (PLUS) program  at UCSF.

Public Relations Director
Brittany Morgan

Brittany brings much knowledge and first hand experience to the program’s education efforts in Roatan.  Propelled by the story of her father, an incredible man that was lost to HIV/AIDS, Brittany has shaped the minds of many to humanize the incredible strength of those afflicted and furthermore do away with long held, associated stigmas.

Brittany studied at Front Range Community College and later in Fort Collins was involved in a number of projects aimed to increased women’s rights and gender equality. Brittany is now a certified Registered Nurse.

Marketing  Director
Ana Murillo

Native to mainland Honduras, Ana has incredible drive having taught herself English through children’s cartoons and songs. She later went on to be an official interpreter for several global health projects based in Honduras. Furthermore, earned her doctorate in medicine at the Universidad Catolica de Honduras (UNICAH) to further advance her career and devotion in helping marginalized communities in need.

Ana brings first hand experience the health disparities that exist in Roatan, as she served as doctor in a primary care setting taking care of hundreds, if not thousands of patients as their first line provider while in Roatan. Ana was part of the original team tasked to to teach youth of all ages in Roatan what has now become our curriculum.

Program Manager
Andrew Yeung

Andrew spent his undergraduate years at the University of California, San Diego as a student of General Biology and Music. During his time there, he cultivated his interests in working alongside many of our most underserved communities. Serving as President and Co-Founder for the LGBTQ Pre-Health Association, working as a Health Outreach volunteer in his home town of Sacramento to bring sexual health education to at risk populations, and later serving as a Community Health Educator in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua to reduce STI and teenage pregnancy rates through targeted youth empowerment programs.

Andrew  now serves as the Global Health Research Site Director for UC Davis in Roatan, Honduras working with local public health programs to decrease rates of infant mortality. Andrew will be starting medical school in the Fall.

Financial Manager
Ashley Boval
Ashley graduated from Northwestern University with a major in Social Policy and was a certified peer educator herself for the Sexual Health and Assault Peer Educators group on campus. Currently an associate consultant at a public relations firm in San Francisco, Ashley is incredibly passionate about reproductive health and sexual education. After seeing first-hand the impact that reproductive and sexual education can have on young people’s lives, she is eager to dedicate time to ensuring that RPHE operates as efficiently as possible and reaches as many young people in Roatan (and Honduras) as possible.

Medical Health Director
David Gerado WIlliams Lopez

Born and raised in Roatan, David is known well to those for which the program serves. He brings a perspective to  the many health disparities that exist in Roatan, impassioned by the the stories of the thousands of patients he has served.

He earned his doctorate in medicine at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras to further advance his career and devotion in helping his community’s needs. He now serves as Lead General Surgeon at the Roatan Public Hospital.